New Project

Its the start of a new year and a start of a new project.

I have had a few idea’s and thoughts on what my next app would be and finally decided to do a game based very much on an old spectrum game, 3D Deathchase.

Here are a few shots of the original game.


Before you is what appears to be a reasonably empty landscape with a couple of small trees in the distance. But as soon as you accelerate the picture changes. The trees suddenly seem to multiply — and they’re big!

Steering your bike between the trees, you chase after two other riders, firing photon bolts at them. A helicopter hovers around, occasionally landing. This too can be shot if you’re good.

And that’s about it. Except for the night patrol. A very simple premise, very difficult to manage.

Talking about the old ‘speccy’ I have seen that a company from Nottingham are making a limited number of ‘new’ spectrums with a 1000 preloaded games! Read more about it here .

My new game is called Forest Patrol and here is a sneaky look at the main menu screen. Screenshot_2015-01-14-14-36-01

Hopefully in the next blog i should be in the process of releasing the game!

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