Apple App Store vs GooglePlay vs Amazon App Store

When I began developing apps, I concentrated on Android and distributing apps via Googleplay. The reason for this was that I thought that as Android was a bigger market player then iOS, this is where the higher revenue may be.

I also released apps via Amazon App Store as you can release Android apps and also Kindle apps via their App Store. As the Kindle is  based on Android architect, android apps prepared for a Googleplay release do not need a lot of work to be ported over to Kindle.

However once I started to develop for iOS and release the same apps on Apple App Store, I soon realised that even though the market for Android appears to be bigger, I was having significantly more downloads for iOS.

‘Market Trends’

I have done some number crunching from the last six months of downloads and here are the results.

All of the apps were free. App downloads via Apple App Store on the day of the release and for a few days after were high, then dropped down to a very similar level of downloads as on Googleplay. The initial high spike is where all new apps are featured on the Apple App Store new releases page, in order of when there’re released, moving down the page as more apps are released. However on Google or Amazon new releases appear by number of downloads, highest first, and therefore apps that may not receive an high initial amount of downloads, are lost in the sea of millions of other apps.

I was quite surprised by the significant difference of downloads between the three app stores. With this information I will be concentrating more on optimising my apps for iOS and then porting them over to Android/Amazon.

‘Lesson Learned’

Although having your apps reviewed and published on iOS is a more tiresome process. The review time for apps on the Apple App Store are 10 days plus, where as on Googleplay there is no review process and apps go live within a few hours of upload, and on Amazon review process is normally finished within a day.

This impacted me at Christmas time as I was working on an Christmas theme game, Run Santa Run, for release before christmas. I did finish the game in time, however due to the long review process on iOS I was unable to release the app on the Apple App Store before Christmas, and only released on Googplay and Amazon.

However this was my own fault as I knew that the review process would take 10-14 days. I should have been better prepared and started work on the app earlier then i did! Lesson learned for next year or for any release that might be festive, seasonal or holiday themed!

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