One Game a Month

At the end of last year I participated in two game jams, and produced three games within a space of a three weeks.

This gave me the idea to increase my revenue by increasing the amount of apps I have available for download on the app stores.

In the new year I challenged myself to release at least one app/game a month. By doing the game jams before christmas I realised that you could produce a good quality app/game within a few weeks.

We are not talking about producing epic games like Final Fantasy or Half Life but a quick pick up and play games with good playability and replay values. It would also give me a chance to play around with a few idea’s and look at a few projects that i has started but not finished.

I then came across this site This seemed to be the ideal starting place and the ideal time(the start of a new year) to try and complete 12 apps/games in twelve months. ethos was exactly what I intended to do so it seemed logical for me to join the site and community, and try and complete their challenge as well.

The rules were simple (this has been taken from their site);

Rule Number One
There are no rules. This is a personal challenge. Have fun and be nice.

Why? Because you can!
Starting a game is easy. Finishing a game is hard. One Game A Month is a gamedev challenge where everyone’s invited. Your quest is to create one game each month. It might sound crazy, but the truth is that it isn’t all that hard. You can read a blog post on how I managed to make 12 games last year as proof that you CAN do it.

What have you got to lose? Join your gamedev peers here on as a way to publicly throw your hat into the ring. Force yourself to trim the fat in your development practises. Simplify your designs. Keep it simple – and succeed!

You’ll be glad you did. Your coding prowess will grow exponentially. You will gain a deeper connection with your fellow game developer peers. And you’ll end up making a dozen games in a single year!

How? Any way you like!
There are no rules. Teams are allowed. Game jam games are allowed. Sequels are allowed. All languages and platforms are allowed. Mobile games, console games, PC games, Mac games, Linux games, web games, board games, papercraft games, card games, playground games – any kind of game is allowed, though videogames are our focus.

Beginners are welcome. Elite gamedev experts are welcome. Each month you will be able to post links and thumbnails for your games which will appear on the website.

Where? On Twitter!
Use the hashtag #onegameamonth (or the short version: #1GAM) and be sure to follow @onegameamonth (a bot) as well as @mcfunkypants (a human) and @LZAntal (part man, part machine). Not on twitter? That’s where gamedevs live. Join us! Want to chat? Join IRC freenode channel #1GAM.

I quickly joined up and I have just completed my first, one game a month project, Forest Patrol. Inspired by an old ZX Spectrum game, 3D deathchase. This is now available on Googleplay. I am currently working on the iOS version.

You can find my profile on here.

So one month down, one app done, 11 more to go!


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