Website revamped!

My current website host is Moonfruit, and the subscription is up for renewal. In an effort to cut some costs, I decide to change provider.

Moonfruit is a flash web based website builder. For a novice with no experience of web design or HTML/CSS it was a very good to use and have a website up and running within a few hours. You could arrange the layout as you wanted and with a lot more time and effort could have a decent looking website.

However it was still limited and expensive for what you got(I was paying £72 for the year!) There is no CSS editor and a very limited HTML snippet editor, which when used too often,would increase page load  times immensely.

As I have started recently learning HTML and CSS I decided I would try a self-hosted site. The only cost would be the cost of the web domain renewal and the cost of a server, which would be significantly cheaper then MoonFruit.

As I have my domain registered with I thought I would use them for hosting. I had a 50% discount for the first year which meant the cost of a year hosting would be about £12. An instance saving of £60.

I then needed to design and code my new website. I began looking at 960 templates and templates.

I use WordPress for my blog, so I decided I would use there visual editor and CSM package. It was very easier to download and install the software onto the server. WordPress gives you the functionality and ease of use like a web based website builder, plus the befit of uploading your own HTML, CSS and PHP code to have the site how you wanted.

There are hundreds of templates to base your site on and you can create your own templates from scratch if you so wish. As I am still quite a novice when it comes to CSS and PHP, I decide to download a template and edit this. Within a couple of days I have a working website, which is on par with my old site.

And I have the benefit of being able to update the site and make my own template’s once I am more confident in my HTML, CSS and PHP ability. You can compare the two websites here. is the Moonfruit site and is my new site made with WordPress. Please feel free to make any comments, good or bad!