One Game A Month Update

I though I would post a quick update regarding a challenge I set myself at the beginning of the year. I challenged myself to make and release at least one app/game a month. At the same time that I set myself this challenge I stumbled across, and realised that I could use this to guide myself through the year. See my One Game A Month post for further info!

So, how have I done as we enter the eight month of the year.

Well, listed here are the Games I have released since January.

January –

  • Forest Patrol – Google Play Store
  • Forest Patrol – Amazon App Store

February –

  • Forest Patrol – Apple App Store
  • i’Slide Animals – Google Play Store
  • i’Slide Animals – Windows Store


  • Whac-A-Egg – Google Play
  • Whac-A-Egg – Amazon App Store


  • Eggs-A-Hunting – iOS App Store


  • Pop Up Candy – Google Play
  • Pop Up Candy – Amazon App Store


  • Pop Up Candy – iOS App Store


  • Blagdon Apps Blackjack – Google Play
  • Blagdon Apps Blackjack – Amazon App Store


  • Blagdon Apps Blackjack – iOS App Store

I released 14 Apps across 4 Platforms of which 5 are completely new apps. I’ve included apps that I have ported to other platforms as a lot of work still goes into these releases. So far then I count the first 7 months of the year as a success. I may not have managed to produce 7 completely new apps, but as stated before porting over apps from say Android to iOS takes a lot of work, and I feel can be counted a separate apps. I have also managed to open up another revenue stream by releasing on Windows. I also have in the pipe line to release apps and games for Mac OS X.

In addition to this I have started to develop websites, and have updated my website, I am in the process of creating a website for my first client and hope to build on this as a revenue stream as well.