Blagdon Apps Blackjack – Now on the App Store

We are very happy to announce that Blagdon Apps Blackjack is now live on the App Store.

Blagdon Apps Blackjack brings you a stylish casino Blackjack experience, whether your an expert or a beginner. Whether you want to feel the excitement of casino blackjack, or to train your blackjack skills, this is the game for you!

Playing from a single deck of cards, this is a simulation of a casino game so that you can train yourself to become a master! Features full casino rules;

•Double Down
•Split Hands

Blagdon Apps Blackjack also has a tutorial which guides you through the basic rules of the game.

With 15 Achievements to complete and the ability to post your best scores to Game Center, you can challenge your friends best scores. You can also share your completed achievements and best score via twitter, to show off your blackjack skills to your friends.


Download for free today, Blagdon Apps Blackjack.

Blagdon Apps Blackjack is also available for Android. Download from Googleplay for free.