Apple TV Developer Kit

On the 9th September 2015,  Apple CEO, Tim Cook, announced the forthcoming release of the new Apple TV. Mac-world wrote a good article on the Apple TV here.

Yesterday, I received an email from Apple which made my day. I was one of the lucky ones selected to receive a Apple TV Developer Kit!

Apple Dev Kit Email

Confirmation of Apple TV Dev Kit e-mail, yesterday.

However, I could not confirm my acceptance straight away as there was a problem with the link Apple had sent me! After speaking to the good people at Apple Developer Support, it was discovered that my Apple developer profile was for some reason set up as USA profile and not a UK profile. This was resolved by the good people at Apple Developer Support, and this morning I was able to confirm my order for the Apple TV Developer Kit for the pricey cost of £1.

I will now need to start adapting some of my apps to make use of the new interface and Apple controller / remote to hopefully have a few apps on the Apple tvOS when it goes live!