Title: Blagdon Apps Simple Converter

Price: Free

Available: Android, coming soon to iOS



Blagdon Applications presents Simple Converter, a simple to use unit converter, including all common metric to imperial units.

With over 100 imperial and metric units from 12 categories including;

Distance; e.g. Miles(m) to Kilometers(km)
Volume; Liter(l) to fluid ounces(fl oz)
Weight; e.g. Kilograms(kg) to Pounds(lb)
Pressure; e.g. Pascal(pa) to Bar(bar)
Length; e.g. Centimetre(cm) to inches(in)
Time; e.g Seconds to Minutes
Speed; e.g. Kilometre per hour(kph) to Miles per hour(mph)
Power; e.g. Watt(W) to Horse Power(hp)
Temperature; e.g. Celsius(C) to Fahrenheit (F)
Area; e.g; Acre(a) to Square Meter (m²)

With simple to use controls and interface.